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οφείλουμε ν' αποχωρούμε όταν καταλάβουμε, αλλά δεν οφείλουμε να καταλαβαίνουμε πάντα.. By Adis


Αν δεις μια φορά το φως μετά κλείνεις τα μάτια σου και αυτό ειναι εκεί και σε κοιτάζει και να θέλεις... δεν μπορείς... είναι εκεί μέσα σου για πάντα. By Παραθυρο Ψυχης
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
the ppl that live a life full of lies are easyer to bring them down on their knees.

when you lie to others you lie to yourself
you create a reality that only u can see, u think u are a god in that reality and the truth is that with one check mate move by someone that knows every little dirty secret you could be from the top of the everest to the clift of the same mountain that took you so long time to claim and climb with deciet and lies, with illusions they did manufacture in order to raise themselfs,

each lie makes them feel better for themselfs, for one or another reason, but the reason is meaningless because they just complicate their lifes for no reason,

some do it for fun, other for a living, and others just like to lie for the impression,

but the most important point is that lying leaves you alone, you cant trust anyone and anything, you always filter what you say and never show your naked face, because if you do show it to even one living soul you know that it with repel them from you like two opposite magnet poles, and the more souls know your doings the bigger the distance will grow,

their eyes will show no pity, and your pretty blue eyes will shed salty tears knowing that you just lost the game

inspiration from movie "Cruel Intentions"

"Μες στις λεξεις υπαρχουν εικονες αλλα μες τις εικονες υπαρχουν και λεξεις  >.< 


Sive said...

les megales alithies sto kimeno
k osi zoune me to psema pistevo pos einai gia mpastes..
na les psemata gia to oti dipote akoma k gia to fagito p efages.
apla me arosteni i idea..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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