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Thursday, December 24, 2009
finished watching a pretty nice anime

Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion

i have to say that it gave me more than i did expect, much more.

althou it doesnt reach DeathNote, but it is the second best pshycologic thriller i guess, many unexpected turns in the plot, strategy's, and drama.

worth watching the 50 episodes of it :)

PS: i loved the last episode it was something i didnt expect

if anyone is interested in watching i am giving a URL to a torrent
code geass torrent
just download code geass or u ll end up downloading and the rest of the anime :)


Adis said...

Δεν το χάνω με τίποτα!! :P
Αλλά θα το ξεκινήσω μετά τις γιοτρές όπως σου είχα πει για να είμαι άνετος.. ;)

Είμαι το πρώτο-πρώτο σου σχόλιο??
Χαχα! Το χαίρομαι! :)
Άντε καλό βράδυ!..

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