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οφείλουμε ν' αποχωρούμε όταν καταλάβουμε, αλλά δεν οφείλουμε να καταλαβαίνουμε πάντα.. By Adis


Αν δεις μια φορά το φως μετά κλείνεις τα μάτια σου και αυτό ειναι εκεί και σε κοιτάζει και να θέλεις... δεν μπορείς... είναι εκεί μέσα σου για πάντα. By Παραθυρο Ψυχης
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
so you are bored to go to every party that countless people
invite you because you are so freaking popular, you cant stand it
that every girl is trying to hook up with you and even a simple
walk to the supermarket is a torture for you because you stop
every 5 meters to talk with a person that you know?

don't worry, I the antisocial master is here to save you from your curse.

with this guide of mine everyone will stop bothering you about any party, or vacation or even the Saturday evening drink.

and so let's start immediately learning the rules that will save your life.

Rule No1

One of the most important rules is that you have to always walk,
eat, do everything with music in your ears. So always have the
Ipod or Mp3Player with you and even if you hear that someone
is talking to you ignore them.
i prefer to listen loud music so i have a excuse to say "oh sorry i
didn't hear you" xD

Rule No2

when anyone is calling you to go out say that you want to stay
home and read poetry or that you don't have any excuse and want
just to stay home if they will try to convince you then: say a really stupid reason
example: If you are a guy say that you are on you hard days of
the month and cant leave the house.
If you are a girl say that today is the day of the year that you do the annual house cleaning.
If all that wont work then just start yelling at them  and say irrelevant stuff (always works xD)

Rule No3
when you see someone you know on the street don't say hi to him just look and pass by him without even stopping (this works very good with Rule No1)

Rule No4
when someone is talking to you just pretend that you didn't hear him and say "e?" or "what?" or don't talk at all

Rule No5
if you are out just do something else from what the rest people is doing.

Rule No6
say black humor or cold jokes so even the earth's poles would crack from the coldness of them and laugh by yourself.

Rule No7

when you are with friends look in the empty space and have a sad look at your face.

Rule No8
say irrelevant stuff when someone asks you about anything.

Rule No9
try to think out-loud philosophy questions that are depressive
example : "who are we? why do we exist? is the human being really a human?" (also works very good with the Rule No6, )

Rule No10

never look someone in the eyes, always stare at them when they look away or don't see you.

Rule No11
and also a very basic Rule is
1: NEVER introduce yourself.
2: NEVER say goodbye, always leave without saying anything.

with these basic rules you will earn back your time of relaxation and everyone will consider that you are a bizarre freak and will leave you in peace :)

i will not be held responsible for any side effects of this guide, or situations that may occur to someone after applying the techniques i mention.


Adis said...

Αυτά είναι!! xD xD xD

Και το δημόσιο κλάσιμο πιάνει! ;)
Αλλά στα φανερά, όχι στα ύπουλα.. :P

Καλό ξημέρωμα τρελέ!!
(Με γεια τις αλλαγές! Πολύ ωραίο!) :)

stolenblood said...

επιτέλους ο τέλειος οδηγός! αυτό που χρειαζόμουν, αυτό που έψαχνα!!! thanks!!!

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